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R Parkin and Son was established in 1958 and is now well-established in the steel fabrication industry specialising in all kinds of steelwork, including feature staircases and balustrades, railings, gates, iron work, pipework in mild and stainless steel, welding and other metalwork.

Having been established since 1958 our ongoing commitment is to provide a wide range of services to our clients and customers.

We are a CHAS Accredited company.

We do work for all kinds of industry including the public sector providing a complete package of design, bespoke fabrication and installation.


At the age of 15, Bob Parkin was apprenticed to Mr Wilkinson who owned the forge in Lisburn Terrace Sunderland, and showed a natural ability as a blacksmith and welder.
When Mr Wilkinson died in 1958 Bob was only 27 years old and it looked as if he would be out of work. But with support and encouragement from his family and customers of Mr Wilkinson, Bob started out on his own in 1958.

Work went well and in the early 1960’s he went into partnership with Albert Bell, forming the company Parkin and Bell on the Sheepfolds Industrial Estate in Sunderland. They had a purpose built factory that still stands there today. Unfortunately by 1968 the partnership was not working so Bob and Albert parted company.

Undeterred by this, Bob went back to basics and rented a small workshop in Stoney Lane, Southwick Sunderland, trading under his own name, from there in 1969 he moved to bigger premises in Wear Street Southwick, which is our present location.

In 1981 Bobs son Michael came into the business after an apprenticeship as a precision Engineer and in 1987 Chris and Paul joined the Company and are still with us today.
By 1989 Michael became a full partner and the Company of R Parkin and Son was formed.

Our work includes structural steelwork, welding, pipework, utility and feature staircases, gates, railings in steel and iron.

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